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Adobe Digital Editions Download Link

Getting started with Adobe Digital Editions is easy now. Users can download the Adobe Digital Editions from the following links.

Adobe Digital Editions 2.0 Installers

Locate your preferred platform and click on it to download the installer. Then run the installer on your machine to install Adobe Digital Editions.

Download Macintosh (16.3 MB)

Download Windows (6.14 MB)

Receiving a Gatekeeper message installing on Mac?  Follow these instructions

Additional Downloads

Getting Started with Adobe Digital Editions eBook

The Getting Started eBook is pre-installed with Adobe Digital Editions 2.0; however, it will not be installed if you install as a standard user (non-admin user). If it is not installed or if you happen to remove it, you can download it using the following link.

Download Getting Started with Adobe Digital Editions (EPUB, 55 KB)

Sample eBook Library

Download sample eBooks for viewing in Digital Editions 

Adobe DRM PDF/EPUB Download Steps

  • Read the instructions to get to know how to read Adobe-DRM PDF/EPUB ebooks on your device. If you are already aware of what Adobe-DRM is, you can skip reading this section and proceed to buying the ebook.
  • Only 'Windows', 'Mac OS' or devices supporting Adobe-DRM like ebook readers are capable of accessing the current download.
  • The "rights" are reserved for the downloadable PDF/EPUB files, that controls printing, copying, lending etc. They are DRM enabled. You are suggested to review the "rights" in the product description of the ebook you are looking to buy. This will help you decide better.
  • Only 'Adobe Digital Edition' can open the downloaded PDF/EPUB. You can operate this downloaded file on at most 6 devices with 'Adobe Digital Edition'. With the support of various devices, this application holds up with PC/Desktops with Windows/Mac-OS and e-readers. 'Adobe acrobat reader' and this application are not the same. So, the users will have to install 'Adobe Digital Edition' by following the below steps -

You can download install it from adobe.com, in case you don’t have it. (Adobe page may load slow, so please be patient).

After the installation is finished, you will have to authorize the device when the 'Adobe Digital Edition' will ask you for it. In case you don’t have an ADOBE ID, please click on the "get an Adobe ID online". For Registration, you will be taken to 'Adobe site', once you click on 'get an Adobe ID online'. Enter your new adobe-id, when you are done with registration, in the dialog box and then allow the 'Adobe Digital Edition' to this adobe-id.

Warning: In order to access the downloaded file from different PC/Machine, users must make sure that they authorize their 'Adobe Digital Edition' with adobe-id (which is their email-id registered at adobe.com). If the users do not authorize your 'Adobe Digital Edition' with adobe-id, any ebooks downloaded to it can be read only and only on the same machine. With the support of various devices, this application holds up with PC/Desktops with Windows/Mac-OS and e-readers where you can also copy the ebook on at most 6 devices.

  • Authorize your 'Adobe Digital Edition' with the Adobe ID, if it is already installed, but not authorized yet.

Click 'library view' of your 'Adobe Digital Edition' and select 'Authorize computer' from the drop-down to authorize.

Users must follow the steps mentioned above to authorize with an adobe-id.

  • When you have 'Adobe Digital Edition' installed on your computer, you can either proceed with your checkout or go to your purchase (or "Your Account") and download the ebooks by clicking on the download link(s), if already checked-out.

The system may now automatically ask you to open the downloaded file with 'Adobe Digital Edition'. You must click 'OK'/'yes' and proceeding to this, the PDF/EPUB file will automatically get downloaded in a few seconds and appear in your library for reading.

Please save the folder, in case the system doesn't prompt you to open the downloaded file. It will be a file with ".acsm" extension. Then open 'Adobe Digital Edition' application and drag/drop the ***. acsm file into the reading-pane of 'Adobe Digital Edition'. This will automatically download the associated file.

This file can open with any device authorized with the 'same' adobe-id as it gets associated with your 'adobe-id'.

Still the file may not open and throw an I/O error #2038, according to which even though the 'Adobe Digital Edition' edition has the meta information for the file, but it doesn't have the actual pdf in the 'My Digital Editions' folder (in the 'My Documents' folder). Either it was moved by you or got deleted accidentally. Try to restore it if possible. There is a possibility that you had 'Download Manager' enabled when downloading which would have interfered with the download; please turn off the 'Download Manager' and re-initiate the download.

Read On iOS : DRM eBooks can be downloaded and read on iOS devices with applications like : Read On Android : DRM eBooks can be downloaded and read on Android devices with applications like :
  • oyo-android
  • Biblet
  • Riidr books
 Find more supported devices : Supported Devices
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